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Our KetoXcel program blends a sound strength and conditioning regiment with nutritional insight and guidance based on a Ketogenic (Keto) style diet. Any healthy lifestyle is a blend of diet, exercise and sleep as core essential elements to achieve optimal results.  These same elements, in balance, are also essential for weight loss! A Keto style diet forces a persons body to burn fat as fuel as opposed to carbohydrates. Studies have shown that ketogenic diets coupled with moderate-intensity exercise can positively affect one’s body composition. Studies have also shown that ketogenic diets enhance the body’s ability to burn fat, both at rest and during low- to moderate-exercise intensities, so your weight-loss efforts may be maximized while training in these zones.

In other words our KetoXcel program helps to “Super Charge” your results on a ketogenic diet by blending in exercise to maximize your weight loss efforts.

What our program includes:

  • Ketogenic advise and counsel specific to your goals.
  • Nurtritional guidance to help you excel and not ignore key nutrients.
  • Custom tailored exercise program to meet your goals.
  • On going support and motivation.
  • Access to your trainer 7 days a week.

Joe Rozell, NASM Certified Athletic trainer and creator of KetoXcel,  uses a Keto based diet regiment to maintain his top physical condition. His experiences are first hand and in practice in his daily life.

Shore Sports Academy’s KetoXcel program has significantly helped me to get more healthy. 30 pounds down in 5 months and still going strong. His knowledge and support is amazing… Thanks to Joe Rozell!

Joe Rozell is great. He helped me to attain my goals using a healthy keto approach in a couple months. Lost 12 pounds and have a more healthy life style!