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High School Football Player Assessment

Shore Sports Academy has a wealth of knowledge and insight to realistically assess a high school players chances of pursuing collegiate football. Shore Sports Academy has first hand experience evaluating collegiate level football talent, as well as professional level. We believe that making an informed decision begins with an unbiased high school football player assessment and we can provide that ( in addition to providing guidance on how to address gaps found the assessment)..

Often high school coaches don’t have the time or insight to the evaluation criteria used by college football programs. It is not their fault, high school football coaches are focused on player development ( academic and athletic), developing players to be good people, creating a winning season for their programs, etc. Many times coaches are biased by the teams, competition and conferences their teams play within and this can often result in a false projection ( good and bad).

Every year numerous football players in are named to lists or teams like “All Shore” or “All Conference”. Accolades bestowed by media and coaches. But, how many of these players get scholarships or get a chance to actually play in college? That percentage is very low. Why? because of the reasons mentioned above, often to transition from a high school program to a collegiate level is a different focus than simply regional high school football accolades. Conversely, we have helped many players that did not receive media accolades to get successfully recruited to collegiate football programs. We can help!

Our evaluation / assessment is unbiased and can offer a player ( and their parents) some insightful guidance related to a player pursuing collegiate football, where to consider and areas for improvement ( as applicable). We have many dimensions that we objectively evaluate :

  • Player Physical Attributes.
  • Film Performance.
  • Academic Performance
  • Social Media
  • Player Intangibles ( Attitude, Desire, Commitment, etc)

In addition to above assessment dimensions, we offer honest feedback related to the players chances of drawing interest from coaches at different collegiate levels (e.g., NCAA Division 1, 2 or 3) and how best to “approach or present” your credentials and package to a coaching staff or recruiters. Our assessments can offer areas of improvement for players to focus to help them increase their probability of interest ( which is useful for High School Juniors and Sophomores that still have a season or two to showcase these new skills on game film or improve their academics, etc).

Shore Sports Academy can also help players and their parents to create their recruiting packages for submission to college football recruiters and refine the colleges to target based on strengths, ability, etc. We can help every step of the way.

All assessments are performed by Joe Rozell. Joe’s professional NFL clientele includes past and current players from may teams including the NY Giants, NY Jets, New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills, Pittsburgh Steelers, Miami Dolphins, San Diego Chargers and more. Joe also provides insight and feedback to numerous NFL teams related to potential player prospects. Joe has a “pulse” on collegiate football across all divisions (D1, D2, D3). Joe is currently a scout for the East-West Shrine Bowl, the longest-running college all-star football game in the nation.

Contact us to learn more and to schedule your assessment/evaluation.

High school football player assessment